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Life gets better when shared...

"At a crossing point in life, I was ready for a new place to live and for a new project to work on. Everything was open, but these 3 things I knew for sure: it had to be in or around Leuven, it had to be together with other like minded people, and it had to be about reinforcing our inner wisdom in this fast moving world. 

Then, from 3 completely different networks, I was guided  to this particular mansion in the heart of Leuven that had been empty for a few years. This had to be synchronicity ...

The rest is the start of a new story. I am grateful to share the beauty of this place, in which all previous life and work experiences come together, and I am looking forward to cocreate and see the future of LivingLei unfold ..."


Cohousing & cohosting in Leuven

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