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cocreating meaningful life

Cohousing & cohosting in the heart of Leuven

LivingLei is a place to be, to connect and to ​cocreate a way of living that nourishes body, mind, heart and soul. 


The beautifully renovated mansion with high ceilings, massive daylight and historic charm is a home to 6 - 12 people who share a common passion for personal growth. Each person or couple has a fully equipped individual living unit, and share the huge common spaces: kitchen, the GLR (giant living room), quiet garden, therapy or coaching rooms, sauna, ...
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From our common vision that body, mind, heart and soul are all equally important in life, we 

share the abundant space of LivingLei to host workshops, gatherings and courses that promote holistic living. From yoga or chi kung, over dance workshops, to leadership training or courses about innovative organizations, all is possible and is cocreated with the cohousing members. 
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We make a statement: together we can go further. We live together, we create together and together we welcome other people, guests, travelers and groups. We give them a virtual Lei. Lei is the Hawaiian word for the famous flower garland, symboling affection and love. LivingLei for us means living with a welcoming heart, an awakened body and a curious spirit. Aloha!


Oh, and Lei is of course also the name of our beautiful street.

 17th century medieval mansion

30a tranquil garden

co living for 6 - 12 persons 

huge living room

shared kitchen

hosting place for dance - bodywork - yoga, healthy food, lectures ...

Laughing out Loud

Guesthouse for open-hearted travelers


Living Lei in a nutshell:

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